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Generating SSL Certificate


I’'m new to Jive Messenger, and I installed it yesterday on my server.

I really like it, I just got one problem:

I read the SSL Guide.

What I did was:

keytool -storepasswd -keystore keystore (changing keystore pass)

keytool -genkey -keystore keystore -alias mydomain.de (generating new key for mydomain)

I cant do:

keytool -import -keystore keystore -alias example.com -file signed_certificate_file

as there is no signed_certificate_file ?

And i did:

keytool -delete -keystore keystore -alias rsa

keytool -delete -keystore keystore -alias dsa

Now, a few things:

  1. even when I delete they rsa and dsa keys, the server (even after a restart) still sends

the default certificate.

  1. I deleted the rsa & dsa certificates using the admin webinterface. nothing changed.

even in the admin interface is no cert listed, it still sends the default certificate.

  1. after a short time, when i deleted the rsa and dsa keys out of the keystore file,

suddenly the file is almost empty, and when trying to do something with it it says

the keyfile has been tempared with or password wrong.

(left in the file is only something like:

þíþí@@@B@@@ …) - the first line

I’'m totally lost, the SSL Guide really only helps with creating the new keys into the

keystore file.

I don’‘t really know much about SSL stuff. I don’'t know how I should create a cert,

which WILL be used when trying to connect to the server.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Move keystore to something like keystore.backup

Generate new keystore

keytool -genkey -alias alias -keystore keystore

Set in Server properties new password for keystore


Restart server