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Geo IP error

http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/online.jspa shows i’‘m form UK. I’'m in Lithuania though.

Yeah, GeoIP is constantly improving. Last I checked it showed us in the state of Washington, and not in Portland, OR. We update our GeoIP database when new onese come out though, so it’'s getting better

huh, this must be because after Lithuania joining EU a lot of people gone to UK seeking job, so now they think i must be in UK

So where should i report this error? Is it MaxMind? They demo script is finding me in Lithuania as it should.


as they have a free and a commercial database I wonder which one is used by JS.com.



We use both the commercial and free libraries – not sure which one is setup with the forums though.


So i see it’'s ok now. Lithuania as it should be.

Again im shown as in UK. Strange. So how exactly this GeoIP works? Is it simple database which is updated time to time, or is it updated constantly? Though, one more idea. Maybe it’‘s mine ISP changing my extarnal IP, so with one i’'m resolved as in LT, with other as in UK. But in any case there is some error in GeoIP database.

Hi wroot,

GeoIP is a simple mapping from IP address to location which is updated whenever we update the database (not very often). It sounds like you are correct that your ISP is changing your external IP address and that other IP address is in GeoIP as the UK. Thanks for letting us know.



Hi Oleg,

if you really want to get this solved you may want to talk to the GeoIP support and help them to get it right. There are as far as I know some well-known issues, especially with the free GeoIP database, so it may be normal. Does it work fine on http://www.maxmind.com/app/locate_my_ip ?


Maxmind demo is working fine. And i have already contacted them. Pity i have deleted thei reply, but the answer was that this is not their problem or like that.

Most likely, it’'s our problem and we just need to update our database.