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Get allusernames from userservice plugin

I wanted a way to get the list of usernames from OpenFire so I could compare it with our Active Directory since our OpenFire instance is in the cloud and our AD is private, I can’t have OpenFire access it directly. It occured to me if I could modified the userservice plugin to accept another option to get the list of usernames on the server, my goal could be achieved.

I added the following code to UserServicePlugin.java

public String getAllUsers()


String userNames = “”;

Collection usernamesCol = userManager.getUsernames();

for(Iterator i = usernamesCol.iterator(); i.hasNext():wink: {

userNames += “” + i.next() + “”;


return userNames;


and then modified/added this to the UserServiceServlet.java

if ((username == null) && (!“getallusers”.equals(type))){

replyError(“IllegalArgumentException”,response, out);



else if (“getallusers”.equals(type)) {

String allUsers = plugin.getAllUsers();



The end result is if I use the userservice with a request type of getallusers, I get a result, in the format:




which I can then consume/parse in my sync script. I don’t want to branch the code for this plugin. What is the correct way to request that this feature be added to the plugin officially?