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Get another clients IP?


Is there a way to retrieve another clients IP-address using Smack?

I have seen that the information is available on the server (in Sessions -> Client sessions in the admin console for Wildfire), but how can I retreive it with my Smack client?


Hi John,

XMPP usually respects privacy. You may get the IP if you transfer a file without using a proxy or IBB, but I’'m not aware of another way to get it.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I have given the problem some more thought, and I’'m pretty sure that I could do something like this:

  1. Create some kind of Wildfire plugin that publish IP-address of client sessions, lets say on a webpage.

  2. In my client (using Smack) I check this webpage for each user thus getting the IP from client sessions.

However I hope (and suspect) that there is some smarter way to accomplish this: Maybe some extension on the server that could be used directly by Smack (with some kind of IQ thingy). I’'m not an XMPP/Wildfire/Smack expert though… Is there such a solution", and if so: I would much appreciate some pointers in the right direction?

Best regards,


Hi John,

@1+2: You could look at the presence plugin and modify it to display the IP address together with the presence information.

@However: Like the broadcast plugin your plugin could also be able to receive and send XMPP messages.

There are some JEPs for automated or non human communications, but as far as I know they are not supported be Wifi so far.


Thanks - that might be exactly what I’'m looking for

I will try to create the plugin on the server that I can ask for a client sessions IP via XMPP from another client.



Are you talking about this JEP?


Hi Andreas,

no, it was not SOAP. Seems to be an overkill for what is needed here.

looking up the JEP I was refering to

To get only the IP address “JEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands” could be fine.