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If I have started a chat with another person, is there anyway of getting that connection so that I can send messages between both parties without knowing their ID’'s in advance?



As said in these two posts:


Hey Aaron,

Thanks for all your replies. I think I was asking the wrong question cos it wasn’‘t clear in my head what i needed, but I’'ve got it now:

Basically say I am implementing the ChatRoomListener:

+public class MyChatRoomListener implements ChatRoomListener


…//implemented methods

public void chatRoomOpened(ChatRoom cr)


//do soemthing



How can I fetch the participant that actually initated the conversation with me as a ChatRoom cr is opened?




The room name is the JID the room is chatting with. In the case of one-to-one chatting it is the other person’‘s JID, in the case of group chat it is the room’'s JID.

  • Jasen.

perfect! Thanks a million Jasen:)