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Get quick message in offmessagearchive table

Hi All,

We have created Application for chatting purpose and right now it is working properly when users are online.

We are facing an issue when users are going offline mode. At that time we are getting a message in offmessagearchive table after 30 seconds with the help of **Monitoring Service **plugin.

Now we need a quick message in offmessagearchive table so we can send push to the mobile users quickly.

Let me know guys if you have any idea on this.

Thank you in Advance.

Best Regards,

Hardik M.

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The Openfire database is not intended to be used directly from other applications. Be aware that its structure might change in future versions of Openfire.

That said: you’re seeing a delay in data showing up in that table, as the Monitoring plugin buffers data to be written to the database. You can modify the buffer interval I think, but I can’t seem to find the property that’s involved.

A better solution would involve creating a custom plugin, that intercepts and acts on the messages of interest directly.

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Thank you Guus for quick response.

Can you please Guide How we can change buffer interval? OR Any Plugin link available for this?

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