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Get user's messages using Flex HTTPService

Hi all. Can I get users’ messges and send messge to some user using ActionScript class HTTPService?

ok, I’ll try to explain what I need. Ihave to develop app with ELIPS Studio for mobile devices. Because off ELIPSE uses cut version of flex SDK and do not supports sockets, i can’t use XIFF lib to connect OpenFire server. That’s why i need to know how to get incoming messages for user(send messge to some user) with HTTPService. Is somebody can help me with it?

The XIFF library fully supports BOSH / Binding connections which use HTTP. No sockets involved.

You can definitely use this if you don’t want to use sockets. You just need to be aware of how the cross domain security works in Flash

You could also remove some of the code from XIFF if you don’t intend to use sockets.

Let me know if I can help in anyway,