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Getting a distant roster (LDAP groups)

Hi all,

I was wondering if it was possible to get a distant roster group as followed :

Server A / Openfire A / shared group A from AD

Server B / Openfire B / shared group B from AD

client from group A can talk with client from group B through S2S.

Is it possible for client from site A to get automatically a roster created on the site B (via a LDAP group) ?

Thx in advance for your help


Ok, I might have to clarify my question :

I’ve create Openfire_users groups in both Active Directory Domain (Openfire_users_site1 and Openfire_users_site2).

Users from each domains have a roster with the full list of all users contained in their AD group (this roster is set up by the administrator through Openfire).

My problem is to add in the site2 the roster containing the Openfire_users_site1 group (and in the site 1 the roster containing the Openfire_users_site2).

This should be set automatically by the admin.

Is it possible ?

By the way, thanks a lot for this incredible tool.


PS : S2S connection works perfectly, AD filters in Openfire works also great.