Getting around the AD password expire?

Hi guys,

Im using Spark 3.1.1 with LDAP to populate users - all working fine.

However, 80% of the users who will be using the system are so set in their ways that they will never grasp how to insert their new password into the messaging client after Active directory has forced them to change it.

Is there anyway to use AD to just populate the users table and for me to set users password manually, so that no matter how many times they change their password, the messaging password stays the same?

I know I could manually add users and do it that way, but we have over 400 staff using the system with new staff being added all the time.

If anyone has any ideas id be greatful.


I know there is a feature request out there but I can’'t for the life of me find it!

Basically what would happen when this is finished is auto login with the account you are logged into windows with. other than that… your users will need to learn to change their passwords. Anyone else, feel free to chime in if you have any comments!

That would actually be ideal!

I suppose that would be a spark request rather then a wildfire request though?