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Getting blank child value in message tag

Hi all ,

I am sending this xml from jsjac script

ask_chatAuth144111d0ca0949b6e0a222a0bb879 eaf609059i144111vikkujain<firstmes>vikkujain: hi how are you</firstmes>146189@gmail.com/vikkujain

When i am printing packet in SMACK by using packet.toXML() function it prints

146189@gmail.com/vikkujainask_chatAuth144111<firstmes xmlns=“jabber:client”></firstmes>

Value of firstmes tag is missing.

Is that the problem way to fix this or any problem in sending the request…

I fix this problem by myself.

For this i have changed smack library.

Updated file name



I don’t whether this is bug in smack or what.

Whenever smack receives message and calls parseMessage() then calls processpacket().

parseMessage() parse for tags that are declared in Message.java file

Tags that are undefined calls add an extension with tag name with blank value.

So to prevent this i have declared those tag in Message.java file and process them in parseMessage() function.

Hey if am wrong then i will be highly grateful to know.


Nikhil dhiman