Getting buddy list


I am trying to create a client using Flex2. I am using XIFF I like to know how do I update a dataprovider in flex, a buddy list from the roster…?

has anyone done something like that…? where can I see some sample code for stuff like these…?



I need some help in designing a client using XIFF based on AS3 and Flex.

I am trying to get the buddy list on a datagrid ( rosterUI) …and I am doing,

public function makeRoster()


myRoster = new Roster(conn);

myRoster.setPresence(null, “Online”, 1);

this.title = “IM - Online”;


rosterUI.dataProvider = myRoster;

itemClickTextArea.text = myRoster.length.toString();


I am getting nothing on the data grid…and my length is also 0…

do you have any idea on what might be wrong here.

I badly need help and there is not a soul who answers questions on the forum.

any help or insight would be highly appreciated




dataGrid.dataprovider = roster.toArray();