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Getting fastpath to work with webchat, apache, jetty and firewalls

Here’s how I got it working…

running openfire behind a firewall with 5222-5230 open only to the public web server.

web server is running apache 2

installed Jetty6 using the RPMs

add the following to jetty.xml:

<Call name=“addConnector”>


<New class=“org.mortbay.jetty.ajp.Ajp13SocketConnector”>

<Set name=“port”>8009</Set>




add the following to a virtual host in apache:

ProxyPass /webchat ajp://localhost:8009/webchat

ProxyPassReverse /webchat ajp://localhost:8009/webchat

had to add a manual hosts file entry on the webserver with the internal name of the openfire server so the workgroup entry would match (sales@workgroup.openfire instead of sales@workgroup.84.268.451.241):

openfire 184.268.451.241

Why did you have to install Jetty, if Openfire has it built in as a web server?

I want to get Apache2 communicationg with openfire using Modjk and AJP connectors. But i dont know how to inform jetty built into openfire what to do in the event it receives a packet from Apache. Do you know of any way to tell openfire about AJP connectors?



the webserver is at a datacenter, the openfire server is on our internal network, hence the “firewall” part/