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Getting list of registered users/account from server

I try to write an app (qt5+qxmpp library) communicating with openfire server and I was wondering if there is any way to get list of all registered users/accounts. I thought that it is possible by discovery request, but maybe I am wrong.

How should XML stanza (sending to server) looks like to get that list?

Any ideas? Anyone?

I don’t think it’s possible out of the box (via an XMPP request from a client). It would also be some kind of information leak, if everybody could discover all users.

You could solve it via plugin and use your own “protocol”.

E.g. we use it to get the roster count for a user. We send a IQ query to a plugin (AbstractComponent) which returns the roster count for a given user. We use a custom IQ extension for this.

Alternatively, you might want to read / try AdHocCommands. I think they are used for such cases. But I am not familiar with them.

In any case, I believe you have to write your own plugin.

But there should by any way to get that list, because I’ve tried to check it with JChat and it is implemented there, so it should be some stanza that get the list of all accounts.