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Getting search to work

I cross posted this to Spark as thats the client I have. I now have the search and ldapsearch installed in openfire but still cant access them from spark, is it a spark problem or is it openfire?

Tailng the log when I reinstalled the standard search plugin gave this:

2007.11.08 12:21:26 Extracting plugin: search

2007.11.08 12:21:26 Loading plugin search

2007.11.08 12:21:26 Registering component for domain: search

2007.11.08 12:21:26 Component registered for domain: search

2007.11.08 12:21:26 Returning: id[3644_1194524542653] assign[s0] xhr[true]

2007.11.08 12:21:26 var s0={};var s1=611127977;s0.hashCode=s1;var s2=true;s0.successfull=s2;var s3=“http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/search.jar”;s0.


DWREngine._handleResponse(‘3644_1194524542653’, s0);

This is probably an error with Openfire. The search from spark is dependent on finding the service on the server. So I would say there is an issue with the server. It could be unrelated to the Openfire Server itself. It could be a firewall or something elso OS related. For that matter a firewall on the client side could be a factor as well.