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Getting Started with Spark

I am trying to get my iChat set up for chatting with my client in the Midwest. I have not found any set instructions and would ike some help getting set up. Any replies would be great. I am running Mac OSX Leopard. Is Spark to much for what i need to do. I would like to video chat and maybe also play videos for them to watch.



I’m not familiar with iChat. It’s using .Mac network? And Spark is primary jabber (XMPP) client. Though it’s capable to connect to other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, etc.) through a IM Gateway plugin, which should be installed on the Openfire server, where Spark client is logged in. It’s not multiprotocol client. I dont remember IM Gateway to support .Mac, but iChat can talk to AIM users. So maybe it’s possible to talk with iChat user with Spark logged to AIM network. But i suppose you are not willing to install a server to do that. There are also public servers, e.g. igniterealtime.org . But i wasnt able to login to any other networks there. For video chats one can use Red5 plugin (server plugin again, and still beta), though it looks complicated to me.

In overall it seems that Spark is not a good choice for your needs.