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Good Web Client?


Just curious what everyones thoughts are on a good Jabber web client? jwchat seems to be the best so far.

I’'m having a little trouble setting up jwchat and I think I just need a couple things clarified…

Which method is better, punjab or JabberHTTPBind?

How do these actually work, I haven’'t found a whole lot of documentation on either of these.

Anyone have any tips on setting them up?



I’‘m looking at those two as well (punjab, JHB) - I haven’‘t been able to thoroughly compare them though. JHB seems a little easier to integrate in JiveMessenger, but feature-wise, I couldn’'t tell you which one to take.

Both punjab and JHB are based on the same architecture. This architecture (called ‘‘HTTP-Binding’’) is described in a Jabber Enhancement Proposal (JEP), numbered 0124. You can read the entire specification at http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0124.html[/url].

You write you have trouble setting up JWChat. If you’'re using JWChat combined with JHB, make sure they both run on the same host and on the same port (I ran into that problem this morning).

meebo? http://www.meebo.com/