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Google Gateway

Is it possible to add a gateway for google to the gateway plugin? I have had some requests for this feature.

Jabber2Jabber-gateways are possible (mabber has one), but I don’'t know of any stable ones available for installation.

why do you want a gateway to google? you can use the google ids as normal jids …

I want a gateway because we don’'t allow users to change the default server connection of the client. We bought a pre-configured version of spark that limits the client to one server. The gateways are user and group aware so we can selectively allow people access to the gateway as needed. In general we do not allow IM in our company except via our wildfire server.

This has been resolved (sort of) by another thread.

Still active in other threads.

chuckle It probably would have been more useful to bring it up in the IM Gateway support forum. (I don’'t usually read this forum) =) As it stands, GTalk/XMPP gateway support will be in version 1.1.0.

Yes, see http://wiki.jrudevels.org/index.php/Eng:J2J (link to the admin guide is at the bottom of that page).