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Google Libjingle support

Hi all,

I am currently developing an application that can communicate with google talk. As part of my project, I am planning to support voice chat feature. I found out that the voice chat functionality is given using a C++ library called libjingle in google talk. I am developing in java and is using smack API upto now. I wish to know whether libjingle support is available in smack or if not does any one know of a java clone of libjingle / JNI wrapped version of libjingle currently available or any other solution to get voice chat functionality with google talk through java?


I didn’t use it, but have you checked the smackx-jingle.jar at the smack archive or the jingle/extension at the base directory of the smack source code?

No, Smack Jingle is not compatible with GTalk libjingle.

GTalk uses a different and customized one still.

Smack Jingle is based on XMPP Jingle Especifications.



Hi thanks for the reply.

Does anyone know a workaround for that. Any method to access the voice chat capabilities of google talk through java. (JNI wrapped version, or a java clone of it or anyother mechanism).


Nuwan Samarasekera