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Google Talk - can only communicate w/ 3rd party clients

We’ve created a Jabber client using Smack and we’re having a strange issue. We can successfully communicate with a user logged in via a 3rd party client (Adium or Pidgin) but not with the same user logged in via Gmail or the official GTalk client. We’ve tried both the latest released version of Smack and a version built from svn HEAD. I can provide more information if necessary but I thought I’d start by giving this short description to see if this was a familiar issue to anyone out there. Thanks!


Hey Neil,

Last thing I knew was that gmail was blocking incoming traffic from people that are not in your roster. I think that was a way to prevent SPIM. So make sure that you have a subscription of type BOTH between the users you are trying to communicate.


– Gato

Thanks, we were already doing that. I actually just figured out the problem. We were sending HTML messages, and when I switched to plain text they started going through. I’m not sure if Google Talk has a problem with HTML in general or if it was specific to the formatting we were using but plain text is fine for now.

Thanks for your help!