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Google talk can''t receive the message sending from my program

my code just like below:

GoogleTalkConnection con = new GoogleTalkConnection();

con.login(“joesmith”, “password”);



and my google account is online,

but i can’'t receive the message.

anyone tell me why?


same with me. i get the newest nightly build

I’‘ve done some tracing of this issue on Smack 2.1.0. The only thing I’‘ve been able to find so far is that I get a packet back from the Google Talk server with an error. The error code is 400, which is “Bad Request”. The same code works on my local Jive Messenger Server. I’‘ve checked the values of the incoming message and outgoing message, and they seem to follow the same format. I’‘m pretty sure this used to work just fine, but its been a while since I tested this code, so maybe I’'m forgetting something.

Has anyone been able to solve the issue with sending messages to Google Talk?

Any progress on this issue? I’'m having the same problem as the first two posters.


Hi. Im facing the same problem. Code 400 stands for “jid malformed” as far as I know.

1)In my case every packet I send to Gtalk server gets back to me with error code 400. Even when I simply respond to presence packets ( just swaping recipent and sender UIDs and creating some trivial body).

  1. Try adding “resource”

Google talk sends packets to users with id similar to "userId@gmail.com/resource"

For instance google talk sends packet to my app with fields from and to "baranowb@gmail.com/Talk.sdgds322ygw" and "ezgar.pl@gmail.com/WakeUpBot"

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