Google-Talk Gatway: limited buddies import

I’m using OPENFIRE 3.5.2 with Gateway Pluging 1.2.3a

I’ve just implemented this in our production environment and have found that users whom use the GOOGLE-TALK gateway are expiriencing problems with their buddies showing up in the SPARK client. The GATEWAY does work but if the GOOGLE account has “too many” buddies, it does not import them into SPARK. I’ve only seen this on one GOOGLE-TALK account but this user has over 100 buddies. All other GOOGLE-TALK accounts registered on my OPENFIRE server have as small amount of buddies. Has anyone seen this or know about GOOGLE-TALK (or any other legacy gateway) restrictions on # of supported buddies via the IM GATEWAY. Also, the user get’s the same problem if we connect PIDGIN to the OPENFIRE server, so I don’t think it is a SPARK client problem.

Hi there!

That might be related to this bug in smack library:

I had those some issues, not every buddie was getting imported.

Until this gets fixed in the smack and gateway versions, you can disable mail notifications for gmail. I recall it used to work better if i did this, before fixing smack.

Hope that helps!

Hrm. That’s entirely possible. If it’s getting confused as it’s pulling on roster entries or something. I’d be interested to know if turning off email notifications does indeed help it. If not, could I get a look at the debug logs to see if I can catch what’s going on?

I am waiting on the user to see if disabling email notifications worked. I will let you know ASAP

Disabling the mail notifications seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

BTW, there is a fix for this in 1.2.4!

Is 1.2.4 supported in OPENFIRE 3.5.2 or do I have to upgrade to 3.6.0?