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GoogleTalkConnection No symbol found?

I wrote a small demo java app

with this code

import java.lang.*;

import java.io.*;

public class gtalk


public static void main(String args[])


connection.login(“satish.mummadi”, “lord1sairam”);




But whren i compile i get the error that says…

gtalk.java:9: cannot find symbol

symbol : class GoogleTalkConnection

location: class gtalk

GoogleTalkConnection connection = new GoogleTalkConnection();

i am using javac -cp . gtalk.java.

iam using javac 1.5, also i wrote the app in smack folder itself, s


Hi Satish

I think the problem is because of either ur using a older version of jar file or you have not put the jar file in classpath.

If u r using a old version of jar file then try to make connection as:

XMPPConnection conn = new XMPPConnection(“talk.google.com”, 5222, “gmail.com”);

and then login to ur account…

And one more thing while creating chat object specify receiver’'s name with domain name also… as:


Hope it will help you.