Grant Subscription after Revoke


We need solution for this

Please provide some inputs

Openfire is sending chat invitation in the background

Both to and from entries are there

but it is granting BOTH only after logging into new browser after removing cookies its sending the event from server to user

please do release some patch to resolve this issue

is this one resolved in Openfire 3.7.1 ?

I don’t see anything like that on the changelog

I will explain the scenario in detail;

a) User A has Granted Subscription to User B when User B sent Chat Invitation (ofRoster ==> ‘both’)

b) User B is listed under contacts list of User A under a group called GROUP1.

c) User A’s Chat Session is open and he deletes the user B from his contacts…

d) Openfire removes entries from ofRoster and ofRosterGroup tables correctly and User B is removed from User A’s contact list.

e) User A again during the same session ,sends Chat invitation to User B…

f) what openfire is doing is it adds two entries in ofRoster -------‘to’ subscribtion for 'User A and ‘from’ subscription from User B automatically but that is not visible to user…User gets no visibility of this chat invitation…i mean nothing is displayed to user…so user knows the chat invitation failed…but actually openfire is adding ‘to’ and ‘from’ entries in background…in tables…So if the user sends chat invitation again…the system shows “you already sent chat invitation to the user”.

g) When user A logs off and re-logins in a new browser instance after deleting all cookies…openfire is automatically pushing the event (i.e. it changes the status to ‘both’ ) and displays user B in User A’s contacts…

this is how i am able to reproduce it …can u look into this one…I think its a small issue…if you can push the event when the user re-sends the invitation, i think it will work…

this is a major issue effecting my production chat client