Granting user admin privileges won't work


unfortunately, I don’t know when and how it started, but my server won’t recognize my 2 other users as admins.

So I see the “is administrator” in their profile is set to “Yes”. I see the “admin.authorizedJIDs” have me and the 2 other people seperated by commas without extra spaces. in the admin console and in the database, but I’m actually the only one having admin access. At least I’m the only one who’s allowed to join every MUC without being mentioned in the permissions.

Restarting the server doesn’t help. I even updated from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 which still didn’t help.

Any other ideas?

Edit: I’ve found something similar which I haven’t tried yet: Adding Administrator after install. Is that normal, if you’re using LDAP or some special sort of DB structure for authentication? In my case it’s tied to a phpBB via specific views in MySQL.

Hello sascha,

please check the value of “admin.authorizedJIDS” in ofProperty table because the list of admin is lives there.

If your jid is peresent there then it is done.

otherwise there may be some problem for that i need to check your coding .

The value of admin.authorizedJIDS is equal in the database table and the admin console. And yes, me and two other accounts are in the field seperated by commas but only me having admin access.

have you done any changs in login.jsp or defaultauthprovider class?

if no then check Your username and password should also present in ofUser data table because it is verifying your username and password from there. if you still face the same issue.

Try to login with only your username and password instead of full JID id. it is working in my case and hope it will work for you also

Found the problem. Being an admin in general, doesn’t make you an admin for MUCs as well. You have to add admins at as well…