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Group attribute for account creation


Is there a group attribute in account attributes…I want create an account on the server and put the account in the specific group while creating…

Any help will be appreciated



I would like to add a user to a group after the account is created…Is there a way to use SharedGroupInfo class…Please any help would be appreciated

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Unfortunately, there is no standard for shared groups in XMPP. Therefore, you have to add users to shared groups in the Wildfire admin console. It’'s not possible to do so in Smack.



Oh, one thing to add. There’‘s a user creation plugin for Wildfire that lets you automatically add newly created users to a group. You might be able to use that to accomplish what you’'re trying to do.



Hi Matt,

Are you talking about the Registration plugin? In that all the new users are added into the default group. However, I would like to add them into already created 4-5 groups depending on the department they belong to. I guess I have to manually sort the users into different groups.


Hi veens,

I was trying to find an answer to the same question you had, and I figured it out. I installed Spark, and while sniffing the stanzas as I added user “anoosh” to “test group”, I detected this:

Which means all you need to do is, after you’‘ve created the account using the Registration packet, send a Roster packet with this & you’'re all set.

I hope this helped.