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Group broadcast issues with LDAP/ADS groups

Hi everyone,

We’‘ve just started implementing Jive, and I’‘ve got to say, it’‘s miles ahead of every other Jabber server. Just fantastic. The ease to get it integrated with Active Directory was amazing, especially compared to all the problems we’'ve had before.

That being said, I’‘m having a weird problem trying to send broadcast messages to groups. Sending to all@[domain] seems to work fine, but when I send to a group that I know I’'m a member of, I get the following error in Gaim:

"Message delivery to (null) failed: (Code 405)

Not allowed to send a broadcast message to delete@broadcast.[domain]"

I’‘ve explicitely set the broadcast plugin options to match the documented defaults, so it should[/i] be working. Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here? Nothing relevant shows up in the debug or other logs, so I’'m sortof at a loss.