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Group cache from LDAP problem again and ever


I have a working Openfire 3.8.2 on a Ubuntu server using OpenLDAP backend on am engineering company with about 100 users. Openfire is unable to see group changes from LDAP, even if I clear all caches. Searching google it seems an annoyance dated back from 2007 or even earlier without a proper solution.

The specific problem I need to solve is a user, which has been assigned to group ‘TI’ and this group is roaster shared with all company. But this new user never gets identified as belonging to the group and never shous up for other users. Have tried many workarounds, as removing him from the group, un-roasting the group, clear all server cache, and so far the only working solution is to drop database, remove openfire and fresh install again.

Can someone shed some ligth on this issue? I can burn this server down to ashes in order to find a solution, if you will.

Thanks in advance.

Marcio Merlone

if its the single user, then the problem prob lies with that user account. I don’t have alot of experience with openldap, but in AD, when I see this, its usually a permissions issue with the ldap user account not having permissions to the user in question.

It always happened, no matter what user or permissions…