Group chat and file transfer proxy question


I’‘m setting up a Wildfire 3.1.1 server and I’‘m having a few problems because I want my JIDs to be email addresses. For example, my JID could be but my server’'s dns name would be

I use as my xmpp.domain and I set up some SRV records for in the dns :

jabber.tcp SRV 5 0 5269

xmpp-client.tcp SRV 5 0 5222

xmpp-server.tcp SRV 5 0 5269

With this, simple chat between users on my server and with other servers seems to be working fine.

My first problem is with group chat. I’‘d like to offer the service at However, the administration console only lets me use name like (no “im”). Everything works fine when I don’'t use the “im” (I have to define the name in the dns of course). Is there a way to do it with the “im”?

My second problem is with the file transfer proxy. The problem is similar to the first one but in this case I don’‘t even know how to specify a different service name than the default which is I’'d like to use something like (or maybe something different than “proxy”). In either case, would I have to define that name in the dns?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Actually, the most important part of the question is how to change “proxy” for something else for the file transfer proxy. I can live without all the other stuff. If I could just change “” for “” it would be ok. I can specify a different conference service name and search service name in the interface but not a different file transfer proxy name.

Hey Marc-Andre,

You can specify the xmpp.proxy.service system property to change the default proxy prefix. Restart the server after making that change. Regarding DNS and services, the XMPP spec requires that for each service (that will have a JID) a new DNS SRV entry should be added. That means that you should have one for conference and proxy services. DNS lookups will be needed when users from remote servers try to use your services. Local users will never need those DNS entries.


– Gato

Thanks, everything is working great now!