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Group chat conversations cleared after server reboot


I am running Openfire 3.6.4 and have configured a group chat room. In “History Settings” I have “Show Entire Chat History” enabled. Users have been able to see the entire chat history since the room was created about a month ago. However, yesterday I rebooted the server and now no one can see any of the chat history. Is this the default behavior? My users asked to always have the entire rolling history of conversations - but I have to reboot the server when I do patching every few weeks or so - and now I’ve lost their group chats. I can’t have this! I guess I don’t understand what “Show Entire Chat History” means. Are the group chat room conversations held in memory until the server is rebooted?

I am also wondering how “Conversation Logging” piece plays into this. I have the “Flush interval” set to 300 and the “Batch size” set to -1. Does this clear the history from displaying in the group chat room after 300 seconds, or is this merely to archive a copy of the conversations to the database? Also, what is the effect of me setting “Flush interval” to -1 and the “Batch size” to -1? Are these even valid parameters?

I see many other people have asked similar questions in this forum, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer as to what the behavior is. Is there documentation somewhere that explains all of the configuration settings in Openfire?

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Default batch size value is 50. try setting it like that and then check after server restart whether it has saved the history this time. I haven’t played with these settings a lot, so i’m guessing. Maybe -1 makes it not to log anything. Haven’t seen any documentation on that.