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Group Chat function doesn't work on OpenFire 3.6.3

Today, OpenFire was upgraded from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3.

Any problem was not found during the installation and message and file transfer.

But, Group Chat function doesn’t work on Openfire 3.6.3 at all.

It is unable to invite or to join any Group Chat.

Could you please let me know its workaround or countermeasure if available.

Thank you in advance.



It’s working here. Can you explain it with more details? What client do you use and how are you doing your group chat, step-by-step. Also have you tried to restart Openfire? Any related errors in error.log?


The clients we use are Spark and Pandion.

On Spark, an Group Chat window does not appear when a Group Chat icon is clicked from a Chat window.

On Pandion, an Group Chat window can be opened but the connecting status is staying in “connecting” when a Group Chat icon is clicked from a Chat window.

On the both, the existing Group Chat room can not be detected.

Also, I could not find any related error messages on the error log.

Thank you in advance.