Group chat issue - conversations move to top

Currently, when users are in a group chat, and one of the users clicks another of the users in the chat, that chat box pops on top of all other boxes, interrupting anything else that was going on at the time.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Environment is the latest of everything, Openfire 3.10, Spark 2.7.

Can you explain a bit more, as i can’t understand what the issue is?

So while in the group chat you double-click on another user in the participants list on the right? And then it opens a private chat with that user in a new tab? Is this what you are describing as a problem for you? Because i can’t see another way to be able to click on someone and get a chatbox.

Here’s the scenario. I’m in a group chat, someone else in that same group chat double clicks my name to chat direct to me, problem is, that chat box pops on top of everything else I’m doing. Not just chat, but I could even be typing an email and that persons chat will pop on top of the email, or the notepad, or the excel sheet. Its a complete interruption of anything else going on.

This only happens if they double click my name within the group chat, it does not happen if they double click my name in the roster list.

I understand now and i’m able to reproduce this, but not the last part (jumping on top of other programs, or stealing focus from them). I have filed a ticket [SPARK-1606] Private message in MUC takes over tab focus and brings chat window up - Jive Software Open Source

But as there are no Spark developers currently, can’t say when and whether it will be fixed.

On the last part though, are you using the 2.7.0 installer with Java included? Maybe you have Java 6 installed on the system? Bring windows to front is not enabled in Spark? Focus stealing bug was related to Java 6 bug and it still was affecting new Spark version if Java 6 was present on the system.

Yes, 2.7.0 installer with the JRE. No Java 6 on the system, but we do have an old app that requires Java 5. I assume this bug exists for all Java prior to 7 then?

Most probably yes. You can go to Spark > Help > About and say what JRE version it shows there. If it shows Java 5 there, then that’s the cause of jumping in front of other windows. Though i thought [SPARK-1545] Drop Java 5 and 6 support - Jive Software Open Source should have fixed such issues. You can also try uninstalling that app with Java 5 temporarily and see if it changes anything.