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Group Chat Issue

Hi Guys,

I didn’‘t find this in the forums or JIRA, so hopefully I’'m not just repeating a known issue.

It seems that the group chat rooms don’'t support the changing of user status. Everyone always appears as the green light “active” and their status never corresponds to their real status. I know this is working on server side because old Exodus notices it.

Any word on this?



Hi Tim,

first I thought this can not work by design. But for users which are in ones roster this could actually work because there you get the presence information.

Seems to be a very nice feature which “old Exodus” has, and as the developers want Spark to be the best client ever I’'m sure it will soon have this feature.


Same issue here.

Seems to be linked to the Spark slient as Psi and Pandion both report my status correctly but the other users, all using Spark, stay the same no matter what their status.

Now we wait for JiveSoftware to address the issue?

May a developer create an issue for this or must I start using PSI or Pandion to get this feature?

Oh LG, you and your threats ;). An issue has been created to add this. You can track it with SPARK-259.



Thx Derek,

at the weekend I usually take the time to review the watches und update the older ones. I still watch some more threads where no issue was created, I could update all with “ping” but this would be a little boring, wouldn’'t it?

I’‘d like to have an account to create issues on my own (; - sometimes it takes you very long to create an issue. And then it’'s usually a “Major” priority issue like this time and also some other times it could also be a “Trivial” or “Minor” one.