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Group chat member auto population from ldap groups


I just got openfire going, and this is my first foray into XMPP, so if this question is rudimentary, I apologize in advance.

I’ve built and configured openfire server, set up ldap integration, and all works well. I see my users, I see my groups, and things look great.

I’d like to build a group chat and specify the members of that chat to be the members of a group populated by LDAP, and restrict access to that group chat to those members. I can’t seem to determine how to populate the members of a group chat from the ldap group. Is this possible?



Unfortunately, this is an often requested feature that is not currently possible with the released openfire.


Is there any update about it?

It would be nice, if the chat rooms automatically creates from Ldap groups, and the users automatically populate to it…

There is no update. This sounds like a fairly complex feature, especially with limited development power and almost no LDAP specialists. Also, currently Openfire operates on users level, i believe and groups are not imported. So that would have to change too.

Openfire supports groups within the ACL of MUC rooms, it can be manually configured once via the admin console for each room. Or am I missing the point of your question?

Maybe @speedy can clarify this a bit. I thought it only imports users. But as one is able to enable sharing for groups even using LDAP, i wonder if it actually importing groups also or do the groups have to be created manually afterwards in Openfire. If groups are imported, then it should be possible to manually assigne them to rooms i think. Not automatically though.

The groups don’t have to be created manually. They are imported from ldap, and can be applied to the ACL of the MUC. Like @akrherz said, the muc has to manually configured through the admin console.