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Group Chat problems: Error creating connection to server. forbidden(403)

Hi All,

We can’t get group chat to work at all. Regardless of client, Spark, iChat, Adium, Pidgin, we can not connect to the group chat that we setup. We added a DNS entry for conference, so it’s conference.im.ourserver.edu and yet we get nothing. I cleared the log and this is the entry that I get when trying to connect to group chat. Error creating connection to server. Error creating connection to server.forbidden(403) The group is wide open. On the client side, nothing happens. No warning.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I found the answer to this. Basically it was our firewall that was blocking the group chat function. Port 5269 must be open.

Port Scanning host:

 Open TCP Port:     5222           jabber-client
 Open TCP Port:     5223
 Open TCP Port:     5269           jabber-server