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Group Chat questions

How can I configure a group chat room so it is moderated and anyone who joins the room joins as a participant and can post to the room?

When I choose “Log Room Conversations” in the Room Options list where are the room conversation logs stored, in the database?

Thanks for any help with these questions.

  1. Just check “Make Room Moderated” checkbox in the room settings.

  2. Yes, they are stored in the database.

Thanks for the reply. When I check “Make Room Moderated” and I join the room using another ID that ID can’t post messages in the room since anyone who joins the room joins as vistor by default. How do I setup the moderated room so anyone who joins the room joins as participant by default so they can post messages to the room?

Ok. My first reply wasn’t exactly correct. I think you missunderstand the naming. “Moderated Room” setting means that only approved by moderator participants can have a voice right in such room. So, it behaves like it should. Now, explain how do you understand “moderated” room and what you want to achieve. You can have a simple room, there everyone will have voice right and you can assign moderators to that room in its settings.


I understand that moderated room means that the moderator can decide who has voice and who doesn’t and who can be kicked and bannded from the room and if the room is a members only room, etc. What I am trying to achieve is having a moderated room where people who join the room have voice by default and the moderator then decides who to remove voice from if anybody. I would rather do it that way than have everyone who joins the room not have voice by default. I am doing this now using mu-conference since mu-conference has a room configuration setting called “Make Occupants in Moderated Room Default to Participant.” I was hoping that i would be able to do this in the built-in Group Chat in Openfire too. Is there a way?

Create a simple room (do not check Make Room Moderated). Then go to User Permissions and add someone to Room Admins group.

Hi maalox,

at the moment there is no such feature available at the build-in groupchat service. In a unmoderated room a moderator has the privilege to kick or bann other users too. Maybe this could be enough? What use case do you have to require a moderated room with default participants?