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Group Chat room configuration options

Hi. I am new to Openfire but have been running a jabberd2 server for years. I am evaluating Openfire as a replacement for our jabberd2 server. Here is my question, how do I configure a chat room so that the room is moderated and anyone who joins the room has voice in the room? I noticed that when I create a chat room and make it moderated that I could join the room, as another user, but I did not have voice. When I checked the room configuration options using my Jabber client I did not see the option called “Make Occupants in a Moderated Room Default to Participant”. I do see this configuration option for my chat rooms on my jabberd2 server. I also do not see this option in the group chat room options in the Openfire Admin Console. How can I “add” this option or other options to the chat room configuration options in Openfire?