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Group chat room missing

Hi All,

I’m new openfire user. We are still configuring our system, adding new user, group, etc.

Currently I’m facing a problem when adding a Group Chat Room. I was successfully adding several rooms (62 rooms) using admin console and the room was listed in the room summary. But suddenly this morning almost all rooms are missing when I tried to view it using admin console. I only saw 1 room !

I can see the rooms in ofMucRoom table, but I cannot see it from the admin console. Can someone help me on this? Anyone know what query is used in muc-room-summary.jsp file? Maybe if I know the query, I can fix it at database level.

FYI, I’m using Openfire 3.6.0a and MS SQL Server

Thanks in advance


I have the same problem when I updated Openfire 3.6.2. Database is mysql.

This problem occur while I didn’t input english group name. It seems bug for unicode name.


If the rooms are not used they become invisible until somebody uses them. This IMO is stupid catch 22 senerio, how can you use a room if you cannot find it. To get around this use the client control plugin to add the group chat rooms to the user’s favorites. You may also need to use the registration plugin to ensure that every user is a member of a group. That group can be used as the distribution list for the group chat rooms.

Thanks Todd, It works !!!

I agree with you, this is a stupid features. Especially for a new user like me.

I wonder, is this behaviour documented somewhere? So far, I cannot find it in every document.

I should have said stupid undocumented feature.

Hi Todd,

My environment is a little bit different. All the groups can access to all chat rooms. If I install the the Client Control plugin, how can I add all the groups in the group field? Should I use " ; " or " , " between the groups’ name?