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Group Chat Rooms Issue / Question

We’'ve noticed some issue when we try to work with work groups. We are using version 3.2.0 at this time with Java 5 (1.5).

We created a room so that anybody can join and invites were sent out for people to join. We did have one person join the room on their own though. The main issue we had was people not being able to see each other listed in the room. We could see what they typed though. Here’'s an example of the issues we are having:

I was the first person that logged in (and created the room). I could see myself.

Jeff then logged in second. He could see himself and me. I could at this point only see myself.

Brian logged in third. He could see himself, Jeff, and me. Jeff could only see himself and me. I could still only see myself.

Bill logged in next. He could see himself, Brian, and me. He could not see Jeff. I could only see myself, Jeff could only see me and himself. Brian could see himself, Jeff, and me.

Now I went through the group chat console and added each person manually as a room member through the user permissions section. As I added each person, it then said that the person entered for each person that couldn’'t see that person. After manually adding everybody in, everybody could see everybody else.

The question is if this is the way it’‘s supposed to work (which I don’'t think it is) or is there an issue here?

My settings for the room were as follows:

Broadcast Presence for: (CHECK) Moderator (CHECK) Participant (CHECK) Visitor

(CHECK) List Room in Directory

Make Room Moderated

Make Room Members-only

(CHECK) Allow Occupants to invite Others

(CHECK) Allow Occupants to change Subject

(CHECK) Only login with registered nickname

Allow Occupants to change nicknames

(CHECK) Allow Users to register with the room

Log Room Conversations