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Group Chat Service periodicly fails

I am using the user service to add update and delete users from my openfire server.

However sometimes the chat service that i have defined breaks down.

It is no longer discovered by my chat clients but the openfire admin console still shows the service as it should be.

Only way to get it functioning again is by removing it and then creating it again with the same name.

Anyone that has experienced this ?

Has noone had this problem???

Do you mean the entire group chat service (i.e. the one that is setup by default with the name ‘conference’) or individual rooms. If you notice individual rooms disappearing you might want to do a search for emptyDate in the forums. Openfire stops displaying rooms that have been empty for a certain amount of time when clients try to discover them

i mean the chat service it self.

It it no longer discovered as a muc service from time to time.

so i have to remove it and recreate it , then everything works fine again.

How many chat rooms do you have? I’m trying to dig out from the source code now what might be causing the service not to appear…

There are no default chat rooms, they are all created on the fly…

However i did find out that it might have to do with the fact that sometimes a user is added true the user service with a wrong JID username.

I then remove this user again but if in between someone used the admin console the group chat service seems to break down.

So lets see how it will work now that i always check the username before adding them.