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Group Chat Service

Hello All,

I would like to create seperate group Chat Services for each Department or Division in my company. But when I create a new Conference service, it has all of the old rooms in it as well.

My questions are: Is this by design and if so why would I run multiple confrence services on the server running the same rooms?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Our setup is a single Openfire 3.6.4 server with about 500 possible users running on win2k3 on VMWare running againast a win2k3 AD for user and groups. resources are not and issue at this time.

Hi Drisbane,

there are a lot of bugs with creating, removing and using multiple group chat services. I would recommand that you shouldn’t use it with the current 3.6.4 release. But these bugs are already fixed in the development version. So if you can wait for the new version, you should wait. If you are in a hurry build your own version from subversion.

Best regards

Thank you for the help. I will wait until the next realease.

Hi Guenther,

Any idea how to fix the Confrence service once you do start creating and removing them? I did that with my install and the confrence service will not work at all now. Do you know if there is a beta release out yet with any fixes?