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Group customization under PostGreSQL (once again...)


After many attempts and a couple of ¿bug? fixes I’‘ve finally managed to externalize (customize) the PostGreSQL database using two databases. One of them will be an external, read-only DB and the other one will be at Wildfire’'s disposal for its own use:

1 - The first one contains tables for “users” (which provides “auth customization”), “groups” (which contains names and descriptions of the groups we want the users to belong to and have in their clients) and “groupsusers” (which links users from the first table with the groups of the second table). This DB is configured as the “” in the"wildfire.xml" config file.

The problem comes when connecting a client to the server, which won’'t see the groups he is assigned to unless I manually fill the table “jivegroupprop” with the appropriate properties. For instance, I have a group called “Friends” with its own brief description in the “groups” table from the first database, so I must enter the following info into the “jivegroupprop” table on the second database for Wildfire to feed the client with the group data:




These three lines will make it work flawlessly, but since they are not created automatically when the external database (the first one) is read, it would force us to fill in the “jivegroupprop” table manually, making the group customization unfeasible.

It is not an option for us to use the Web Interface to create those groups as we must read them from the first database. I’'m using PSI and Pandion clients over Windows XP for test, against Wildfire 3.2.3 as well as PostGreSQL 8.1 running on Ubuntu Linux 6.10. Making Wildfire run on the same Windows XP machine does not make any difference (as expected).

Could it be possible for Wildfire to fill that much needed “jivegroupprop” automatically while reading the external database? We can modify the second database (the one at Wildfire’'s disposal) as much as we like, but definitely not the first one. Any help/advice/something would be appreciated

Thanks again,