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Group disappears for one or more users

We are using Openfire 3.4.1 integrated with Active Directory. We have defined a “Global Security” group in AD called “Wildfire”. We enabled this group in Openfire and called it “Alterity” (our company name). It includes everyone in the company (20 users).

About once a week, this group disappears for one (or more) users. That user will see everyone else in the “Unfiled” group and everyone else will see them in some other group (ie “Friends”). The user still appears in the group when viewing it in the Openfire Admin Console. Restaring the Openfire service fixes the problem.

We just updated from Openfire 3.3.3 to 3.4.1, but this problem has been happening for a couple of months now. My user account is currently in this situation. I updated the jpegPhoto attribute in Active Directory. So, it’s possible this problem is triggered by updates to Active Directory, but I’m not sure.

Has anyone seen this problem or have any ideas what would cause this?

I noticed something else about this problem. The user that experiences the problem will see everyone except users that were recently added to the Security Group.

So, it happened to me again today and I couldn’t see three new users that have been added within the last few months. I can see all of the users that were originally in the Security Group when we first enabled it in Openfire.