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Group Edit Form

Is the group edit form broken in the 12/13 daily build? I get a HTTP ERROR: 404 when I try to edit created groups…

Yeah… not quite implemented yet. Sorry about that. There are a few more thing to polish before we release the 2.1 beta.



When 2.1 is officially released will there be a database upgrade tool, or will we need to manually make changes to tables to work with the new version?

There will definitely be database upgrade scripts. In the future, we’‘d like to have them run automatically when you start up the new release. However, it’‘s likely that you’'ll need to run it manually for 2.1. In Windows, this might look like:

type messenger_upgrade_2_0_to_2_1.sql | mysql -u root messenger

Database upgrade scripts will also become much less frequent over time since many of the features planned for future releases won’'t require changes.