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Group editing

This administrative function seems to work just backwards to me. I’‘d like to specify which groups a particular group can see – but as it is, it only lets me specify which groups can see the particular group. In other words, I’‘m not managing something about the group I’‘m editing – I’‘m managing something that’‘s true of OTHER groups – they can see "the one I’'m editing."

I’'d much rather be able to edit a group by specifying which other groups it can see.

I can understand how “who can see me” may be construed as a property of me, but I prefer a paradigm of “who I can see” as the property of me.

I hoipe that’'s clear. Maybe there could be an option to allow either approach – or even both.

Just a thought – which I’'ll augment with a hearty “thanks” for a good effort on WF. The LDAP integration works very well, as far as I can see, for the most part. Keep up the good work!