Group in group

Hello guys

I would like to know if Wildfire have a support for the group in group options.

in our company we have a lot of departaments. in each departament there is another departaments, and I would like to put every person in a individual place: departament. this option is available in jabberd from



  • user1

  • user2


  • user8

  • user9

  • group3

    • user4
    • user5
  • group4

    • user6
    • user7

thanks for answers

cheers, humer

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there is JM-806 for LDAP, with Spark 1.1.5 SPARK-302 and 2.0 nested groups are available for the client.

I could not find an issue for the server so I assume that this is already possible if you are using the default user provider and not LDAP or an external database.


sorry for less information, but I need it for MySQL and nor for LDAP

I’'m using wildfire 3_1 pre for linux, installed from rpm