Group list not showing even when member of the group

In the groups page this shows:

By default, this group will only appear in the contact lists of the group’s members.. However, you can share this group with all users or members of other groups.

But it doesn’t work. It only works when I tick: Enable contact list group sharing

i’m having the same problem… any resolution to this?

As I understand it, that is how it is supposed to work.

There are 3 ‘levels’ to sharing


Enabled (only shared to those in that group) By default … applies here

Enabled and shared to other users

It looks like all the groups (from AD) are showing up on the server with the appropriate members, but when users login they do not see the group in their roster/contact list unless “Enter contact list group name” is filled out (or “Share group with additional users” is selected) even when “Enable contact list group sharing” radio button is selected (default). What I thought it would do is show only the groups that the users belong to which judgeing by the statement “By default, this group will only appear in the contact lists of the group’s members” is what it should do.

I have checked on my server, and you are correct, I have entered ‘something’ in the Enter contact list group name box for the groups that appear in users rosters.

Although I am doing this anyway as I use different names for Windows/LDAP groups to those which I wish to appear in the roster (I am filtering LDAP users and groups by IM-xxxx group membership, as not all my users have access).

For my purposes adding a new name to each group is not a major issue.

Maybe the requirement of needing a specific sharename is a result of using LDAP rather than internal users?


LDAP may have something to do with it. I haven’t tried any other way. I would have thought that if the groups are truely “shared” that there would be a way to default to the name found in AD/LDAP. We have 1000+ groups so adding names for each would be a very tedious task. Do you know of a way to automate this?

Sorry - I don’t know how to automate.

For local users you can do something with the Registration PlugIn, but I don’t think applies to LDAP users.

It works the same with the internal groups. You must specify a “sharing” name for a group.

So it looks like the groups are shared, but with no name, so don’t appear in users’ rosters.

It should be possible to semi-automate the sharing of the groups by editing the backend database (extract from the embedded database script):

INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group1’,‘sharedRoster.displayName’,’’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group1’,‘sharedRoster.groupList’,’’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group1’,‘sharedRoster.showInRoster’,‘nobody’)

INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group2’,‘sharedRoster.displayName’,‘SharedAsGroup2’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group2’,‘sharedRoster.groupList’,’’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group2’,‘sharedRoster.showInRoster’,everybody’)

INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group3’,‘sharedRoster.displayName’,‘SharedAsGroup3’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group3’,‘sharedRoster.groupList’,’’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘Group3’,‘sharedRoster.showInRoster’,‘onlyGroup’)

Group1 does not appear in users’ roster

Group2 appears in every users’ roster

Group3 appears in group members only

A bit of sql wizardry should be able to add a displayName (e.g. same as actual group name) for any/all groups.

Is there any way to programmatically share the groups through the openfire or smack api instead of going through the database?

I’m using the smack api to perform the “” remote command but it looks like it ignores the “showInRoster” field. I’ve set the value to “everybody”, “onlyGroup” and “spefgroups” but no users are shown in the rosters. Any ideas how to “Enable contact list group sharing” without going to the database?


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