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Group Manipulation

Ok, so I’m able to add RosterItems (including the group[s]) to a user’s roster. I can also change the group and it change in a Spark client. The problem I’m having is that the old group stays listed (with 0 online) in Spark. I suppose this is as much a Spark question as it is a Plugin one…but, I don’t necessarily have control over Spark. I do know that you can not “Show Empty Groups” … but, I don’t want to be there at all.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Hi Kit,

do you think that SPARK-871 matches your problem?

Not sure what you do exactly, do you rename empty groups?


Hey. Yes, I see that problem too (sporadically) - but, I’ve really been watching the Empty Groups.

When I delete a RosterItem I tried to update that RosterItem with a “blank” groups array first…but, it isn’t making any difference. Is there no way to remove an Empty Group?