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Group member it two rosters

After a lot of work (fighting with domain issues) I finally have everything working in Wildfire. I currently have two groups setup to see each others rosters, for example group1 and group2. They can both see each othere fine.

However we have two users that belong to both groups, so they show up in both rosters. Is there anyway to force them onto one roster? I tried removing them from the group page in the admin console, but they still seem to appear.

If there is no way around it, I’'ll create a Jabber_Users domain group and filter for that. It would be easier on my side if I could keep the existing groups, but if there is no workaround I can create a new group.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hey Rob,

I’'m not sure I understand your case so let me tell you what I did and how it worked (correctly).

I created 2 groups: Group A and Group B and configured both groups to “Show group in group members’’ rosters”.

Group A has the following members:





Group B has the following members:




I then logged in as test_1 from a client and test_2 from another client. As expected test_1 has test_2 in Group A and Group B. And test_2 has test_1 in Group A and Group B. I don’'t see test_1 to appear in his own roster (same for test_2).

I then changed the configuration to use Group A can be seen by Group B and Group B can be seen by Group A. The outcome was the same as with the previous configuration.

BTW, are you using the latest Wildfire release? Do you see any error in the log files? Where you using a different configuration?


– Gato

i think he is talking about users and groups teken from AD (or LDAP, dont use either so not sure). And one user is in two groups, but he wants this user to appear only once, but probably he cant delete it from AD group. So i think creating of some custom group with all required users should be the best way.

Thanks for both of your input. Wroot is correct, I am pulling from AD, and I can’‘t remove a user from one group because functionally he has to remain there as well. I’'ll just go with my original plan and create a Jabber_Users group and add the necessary users to that group. Thanks again for the help.