Group members mis reported from AD

hi, im running Wildfire 3.0.0 Beta,

I’'m using it with AD. So far i can see my desired (JabberUsers Groups) users ok in wildfire. Also I have groups listed, currently ALL the groups are there.

The problem is that the groups under wildfire are reporting the wrong numbers of members. Ie in my Users group there are approx 300 of them, wildfire says there are two!

Anyone come cross this? My wildfire xml is posted below,

Also even with ldap debug enabled it says its false! again, shown below in the xml. any ideas why? ive tried avery combination it True/true/1 etc just incase.

many thanks





anyone? any ideas or more info needed?

Well, for the LDAP debug, you have the global debug enabled, but not the LDAP debug.


I have been playing with 3.0 and I have seen the same thing, in the MS tools the group showed 15 members, but in Wildfire the group would only show 13. The problem was the users Primary Group was set. It seems the LDAP interface won’'t show the user as a member if their primary group is set to that particular group. We changed the users primary group to Domain Users instead of the custome ones we use and then they started showing as members in those groups.

So check to see if the Primary Groups are set for the missing group members.

ah good call, ill look at primary group now ta,

fathed thanks for that. i new it was something dumb!

think its working now… just trying to test it. java is taing up 99% cpu as it scanns AD Think i need a faster test box now and/or more ram, Thanks for the help, will carry on testing but looks promising changing the defulat group