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Group membership not populating

In my (somewhat limited) searching, I am not seeing this exact situation coming up.

I am integrating OpenFire 3.7.1 with Active Directory (Win2k8). It appears to be going kinda well - user names are coming in, group names are coming in. So far, it appears to be fine.

Except that most of the 340 groups we have here are showing mostly no membership or sometimes 1-2 members (far short of the actual membership in AD). Looking at a particular user account (mine, for example) in OF shows that I am not in any groups at all whereas I am actually in 11 groups (i.e. Domain Admins). We have one group here called “Grp3CCAll” which should have all 1000+ users in it. In OF, it shows that group having 13 people in it.

Where should I look/what should I mess with to try to get this working?


Nevermind… Posix mode…